The Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program welcomes all developers around the world.
If your app is selected as one of the monthly Top 100 apps, then you can win $10,000.
Enjoy the amazing benefits with Tizen now!

Participation Registration Period

Jan. 10 – Oct. 31, 2017 (GMT)

Program Duration

Feb. 1, 2017 at 00:00 – Oct. 31, 2017 at 23:59 (GMT)

Your app must be registered with Tizen Store Seller Office and pass certification.
The Target Devices are the Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4.
All Tizen mobile apps registered and serviced by Tizen Store Seller Office are eligible for participation.
A Tizen Store Seller Office Seller ID and Content ID of the registered app are required for the participation.
You can participate in the program with multiple apps.
Apps that are submitted for participation are approved by a program administrator review.
Apps approved for participation will automatically be participating from the month
of approval until the conclusion of the program.
If the program operator finds any action of violating fair competition(including
copyright infringement), participation in the program will be denied, and the apps
already approved for participation may be turned down.
Restrictions: The following app types are excluded from participation.
  • - Apps preloaded (including Stub Preload) on all or some Tizen mobile devices.
  • - Any employees of Samsung Electronics including its all subsidiary, affiliates and organization related members.
  • - Apps which received support funding from Samsung Electronics or
    the Tizen Association.
  • - Apps which violate fair competition rules, such as prank apps, fake apps and apps that violate copyrights.
    • * For more information about unfair acts, please refer to the FAQ page.


The Top 100 apps are selected based on monthly downloads from the Tizen Store.
(The Monthly Top 100 is selected from all apps downloaded from Tizen Store regardless of program participation status)
The Monthly Top 100 is calculated based on the number of downloads that occurred on all Tizen mobile phones and from all countries. (The number of downloads is calculated based on existing download data collection standards.)
The Tizen Store Monthly Top 100 is selected from among all the apps serviced
on Tizen Store.
  • - Preloaded apps, apps developed by employees of Samsung Electronics
    (incl. branches) and apps funded by Samsung and the Tizen Association are
    restricted from participating and being rewarded in the incentive program,
    but they can be included on the Tizen Store Monthly Top 100 list.
Among monthly top 100 downloaded apps in Tizen Store, the awards only goes to
those apps which have already been submitted to the Tizen Mobile App Incentive
The Monthly Top 100 ranking is announced on the 10th of the following month.
(announcement date may change without notice)
Incentive winners are notified individually via email sent to their registered email accounts.
The incentive is provided once for each app and if an app which received an incentive ranks in the Monthly Top 100 again, an additional incentive will not be provided.
The incentive is provided in a USD foreign exchange transfer with the responsibility for all related fees and taxes being borne by the incentive winner.
Incentive winners will receive a notification email to confirm the app owner's
identity and request additional information necessary for provision of the incentive.