Get know-how and tips from Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program winners!

  • Sniper Ops 3D

    Modern Alchemists
  • Beautica:More Beauty
    Arie Affianto
  • Photo Magic Art
    Kurosh Fallahzadeh
  • Music Recognizer
  • Sunset Bike Racer
    – Motocross

    Georg Kamptner
  • Ninja Samurai
    Assasin Hero

    ArtWorks s.r.o
  • Ninja Assassin’s
    Appsworx Pte Ltd
WINNER NAME Arie Affianto|APP TITLE Beautica:More Beauty
WINNER NAME Modern Alchemists OG|APP TITLE Sniper Ops 3D Shooter
Modern Alchemists OG Sniper Ops 3D
Modern Alchemists
Q. Please introduce your company.
A. We are a team of three developers from Austria - that's "Mozart", not "Kangaroos" ;-). We have been making games in the mobile space since 2010. We are always on the lookout for new opportunities. That's why we have come to Tizen.
Q. Could you tell us about any of your company’s achievements or history that you want to share with us?
A. Our biggest single game has been Sniper Ops with about 5 million downloads. It is also our first game with real multi-platform support (mobile, web, PC, Mac). We have an active community which helps us with things like testing and translations. Over 10 languages are supported now and 6 more are in the making, Yay Community!
Q. Please introduce your winning app, its key features and the motivation for developing the app.
A. Our winning app is Sniper Ops 3D in which you enter the fight against terrorism. It features a lot of different weapons, diverse environments and a matrix like bullet-time feature at the end of each mission.
Q. What was your motive in applying for the Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program?
A. It's a challenge to get noticed in any app store these days and being in the top lists of any contest helps a lot in that regard.
Q. What was the most challenging aspect of developing your winning app for Tizen? How did you overcome that difficulty? Could you share your solution with us?
A. As usual, it's the setup on a new platform and getting familiar with all the tools and stuff. With Tizen it helps to have experience in Android development since the tools are quite similar. Getting some test devices and having test users in countries with Tizen support has been a major key to our success. It shortens the trial and error phase tremendously.
Q. Do you think porting Unity 3D game to Tizen is simple? If so, please share your special know-how/development tips on how to port Unity 3D game to Tizen.
A. With Unity the development is straight forward. Pick Tizen as your platform, get your certificates ready and you are good to go. Deployment is also pretty fast and thus, quick iteration cycles are no problem (which is awesome).
Q. Tizen Store is a growing app market that provides many opportunities to developers. Compared to other app markets that support Android apps, what do you think is the biggest advantage of Tizen Store?
A. From a developer standpoint the answer is easy. It's a new market, so there is much to be won! Also, there is a continuous influx of new devices, which keeps the consumer interest alive.
Q. Please describe the key advantages and features of the Tizen OS
A. The OS is simple enough to use, even for novice smartphone users.
Q. Lastly, would you like to share us if you have anything to look forward to Tizen as a developer?
A. We are hoping for more market growth and a push towards western markets. Since we are a western developer it's easier for us to develop for this region. We hope to see Tizen devices soon in stores around here.